Firstfleet General Trading Pvt Ltd

First Fleet General Trading Pvt Ltd. is pleased to inform that we are one of the resource and acting agent, Importers & Exporters in Worldwide markets for our Clients. Our core products are Agro Products, Spices, Marine Products and Fast Moving Consumer Goods.

First Fleet specializes in offering quality products to meet our customers’ needs. Our commitment to quality and service, has earned us unprecedented recognition in serving our customers in the industry.

Strength of First Fleet is our resources and our ability to work across many industries. More than a decade experience and we excel at logistics support accurately and on time delivery system for single or multiple location.

First Fleet
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Welcome to Firstfleet General Trading

  • Our Vision: Is to establish our footprint in global market as a reliable export and import company.

  • Our Mission: Is to expand and continuously improve our products and services with a world class R&D programme and to provide the best work environment for our employees to meet and exceed their true potential and to thrive in a world of excellence..

  • Business Philosophy : We are committed in the respect for individual, integrity, speed, and simplicity. Our values are our origin in order to provide market leadership and brand coverage with pursues technological innovation. The management works for the maximum productivity and facilitate customers, employees, communities and the environment with best possible approach.

  • Safety Policy: First Fleet adhere to strict product packing protocol that include extensive third party design hazard and operating hazard analyses. Complying with all product safety rules, best practice design standards and performance specifications.